The Energy Transition

Energy is


Wealth and development until recent days have sourced energy from exhaustible fossil fuels – at least in petroleum net producer countries.

Fossil fuels have provided to some part of the world population, comforts that are seen today not as a privilege but as a fundamental right: nutrition, income, health, and education. 

Still wealth is finding its way to where it has not yet reached in part of the global south.

If wealth in the global north keeps at business as usual, it will transgress planetary boundaries, making inhospitable conditions for the living space and economic activities of the global population. With the biggest effects to the most vulnerable populations that contribute the least to these transgressions. 

Despite having a big proportion of renewable power capacity, the quantity and quality of the Kenyan grid is still small today (3GW vs. 60GW in South Africa and 170GW in India).

The Present

The Future

Future generations’ wealth depends on how much of both inexhaustible (renewable) and exhaustible sources will be geographically effectively combined to ensure a dignified life.

Kenya will surge in wealth with an industrialization boom, only if its business environment allows a more competitive power capacity with quality supply. Regardless of the mix it will require empowered people behind technology with a constant capacity to adapt.